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Coach Bill Kull

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QB Brett Favre @ (none)
Matt Hasselbeck @ (none)
RB Jamal Anderson (Injured Reserve) @ (none)
Priest Holmes @ (none)
Dorsey Levens @ (none)
WR Germane Crowell (Injured Reserve) @ (none)
Oronde Gadsden @ (none)
Torry Holt vs. New England Patriots
Joe Horn @ (none)
Jerry Rice @ (none)
Frank Sanders @ (none)
Bill Schroeder @ (none)
TE Dwayne Carswell @ (none)
Dave Moore @ (none)
K Billy Gramatica (Injured Reserve) @ (none)
Ryan Longwell @ (none)
Def Chicago Defense @ (none)
San Fran Defense @ (none)

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